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Кgrip is a product, whose production has recently begun in 1998. It is intended to satisfy the needs of all local and foreign customers. All this years we have improving stability and performance of crane itself and specially remote head. It is a high quality product which comes at a affordable price.

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Helicopter 15 700 €


Includes and Features:

- Full System
- Quadrotor aircraft with 4X Lipo batteries, Futaba receiver and transmitter, charger
- Stabilized camera head with navigation system included second transmitter and receiver
  for camera control.
- Wireless downlink for preview including TFT display
- Flight time with 3 kg camera is 7 minute without camera 10 min.

Benefits vs. RC Helicopter:

- No vibration. Low noise. Long lifetime
- There is no direct airflow to the camera
- Much safer then helicopter because the   propellers are plastic and inertia moment is   very small
- Quadrotor helicopter has no moving parts with   high speed and possibility of problems during   the flight is very low.

weight without camera: 12 kg

Top air speed: 50 Km/h

Support cameras: up to 4 kg