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Кgrip is a product, whose production has recently begun in 1998. It is intended to satisfy the needs of all local and foreign customers. All this years we have improving stability and performance of crane itself and specially remote head. It is a high quality product which comes at a affordable price.

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Remote head 5 360 €

Pan: 4 complete revolutions in each direction, cable permitting
Temperature range: -5°C - +40°C operation, -40°C - +60°C storage
Bubble leveling of the head at the boom - head connection

Horizontal balancing at the tilt axis and at the base-plate mounting rail. The mounting rail can accommodate up to 19 mm bolts.

Data Connection (control unit <-> head) 7 pin connector male/female
Power voltage AC 230 V 50 Hz DC 12V (12 – 16 V)
DC connector 12V DC over 4 pin XLR male
Mains power supply

Control unit:
- 2 or 3 Axis Joystick, mountable on weight bar for single operator action
- Control box mounted on boom
- The reverse buttons let you invert operation direction on the pan and tilt axis
- Max speed adjustment dials
- Acceleration and on release deceleration ramp dial

Weight: 6 kg

Max load: 14 kg

Tilt: 360 °

Dutch: 360 °