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Кgrip is a product, whose production has recently begun in 1998. It is intended to satisfy the needs of all local and foreign customers. All this years we have improving stability and performance of crane itself and specially remote head. It is a high quality product which comes at a affordable price.

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Crane Kgrip 8m 10 450 €

The Kgrip 8m. is a lightweight camera crane that’s quick and easy to assemble into 8, 6 and 4 meter setups with 360° range of motion.

Complete with 2 axis remote head. Possible upgrade to 3 axis.

Set including: Tripod/boom arm/2axis remote head-joystick control.

Tripod height: 134 - 187cm

Boom weight: 25 KG

Head weight: 11 KG

Tripod weight: 18 KG

Time to assemble: 1 person 10-15 min.